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Second Gemini was a nice guy, but no romantic. Something I noticed about both these guys and myself is that they enjoyed their routines. Honestly… There are 2 Types of Gemini. I just look at them dumbfounded. And hopefully they will pull their head in a choose to be a more calmer facade of their million personalities. Had a long term relationship with a Gemini for a number of years.

Yes to a zillion friends. Everybody knew him even in other parts of the world.

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Worked in the film industry making cartoons — how Peter Pan of him and liked to travel to Cannes for the film festival. I tidied — he freaked at Latest Important Bit Of Paper being chucked in the bin because it looked like little more than a chewed up post it note. I have 5 planets in Gem and was married to a Gem, have girlfriends married to Gems. Well — when it is a party, its a sure very loud one! In my opinion — Gems born in May are way better, then Gems born in June. Also — I will make it to a date and sit through a date, but you have to sit there too and listen to me, ok?

I was told once by a sidewalk palm-reader: When I was briefly on internet dating, all the ones I liked the look of were Gemini. My sis is Gemini and she can be very, very funny. Gem is also a good placement for talented sportspeople, I noticed. Ah you have Gem NN, this makes a lot if sense from what you have mentioned!

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My Mars is in Gem, and with Sun and Venus in Sag, I tend to have pretty weird but hot chemistry all over the place with certain Gemini guys. Just met one last weekend, actually, who I instantly felt connection with. Such a fun mind and laid-back quirkiness only sign I know that can pull off both being straight to the point of bro-esque but also into thrift shopping and interested in everything, even girly fashion. Those gorgeous hands are used for his many hobbies, woodwork, tech everything, guitar, Ju Jitsu, surfing, skating, sex etc.

My Aries Venus was much sluttier once upon a time: Venus in a Cancer makes for poor slut as I need a guy to cook me a meal at least before I exchange any other fluids. So much of this resonates!

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I am married to a Gemini. He always has two things going on at once — right now he practises law in two different areas, and lives in two different places: I especially loved the — denies saying something he just said twenty seconds ago. I have had this experience so often. When I can absolutely prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he said what he did just say, he looks baffled — oh, sure, but that was THEN.

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Ps he is super quiet, thoughtful and considered in manner. But his manner no. Oh, sorry I was replying to my own comment, but while I am here, I think yr Gem sounds in manner quite archetypal! I mean, not the weird part but I have a lot of mercury aspects in my chart and to get involved with someone who is too similar to me makes me wonder if I am actually related to them. I would need some hot chemistry, which usually means scorp, toro or Aries in the mix.

That whole denial of things said is what put me off early on. So I am the Gemini dating anti magnet.

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Have worked with Gem men and their quick minds are fantastic. As coworkers I rate them very highly.

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  • I dated a Gemini, a Mexican DJ no less. He had so many friends there was just no time for me. But, actually, this topic is eerily timely for me MM.

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    I ummed and ahhed until Gemini sister coaxed me to put my hand out to him. No response as yet. I am a love zombie waiting for a person to happen on. The only criteria are that they have an intellect as sparkly as my own and be hot. I know its wrong but ……….. I feel so much more attracted to women lately, physically, emotionally, sexually.

    Men leave me cold.

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    Women make me want to make the world a better place. Sex is such tiny part go it…. Not sure how asro relevant this comment id but hey. Ok go on then, come across hahahahahahaha Oddly picky little virgo snob that I am I found her a bit much. I mean she was great but like, yeah. Oh gawd I so laughed at this post. The Image of what heir minds look like. I know I know Clooney alert! But seriously these peeps are charm and intellect personified. One was famously on Project Runway and came in 2nd — jeez the post show bitching had to be seen to be believed……we are no longer close but have to say had some of the best nights of my life playing up with him.

    My Moon is there, too, which seems weird. I have a hard enough time detangling my own true feelings from my thoughts from what I actually said in the moment without trying to do it for someone else, too. Not with this headache! But those Gems- we can just sit, rapt, and listen to them talk. Gems are the best dancers and make for excellent muses for all those Leos. I have seen Gem external clarity used to shield internal refusal to face weakness, but I generally love Gems.

    Dude tells tall tales. I know the seed of the meaning is there — I am familiar with the energy thanks to my Gemini dad who also has a Cancer moon. I will totally call him on shit that matters, though. Leo and Gemini get along like a house on fire.

    Oh tell me about your dad so I can understand my hubby! He too is multiple gem, with a cancer moon! Hit the nail on the head MM. My ex husband is a Gem.