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Such devices mimic [ … ] real kidneys [ … ].

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But they are nothing like as efficient, and can cause bleeding, clotting and infection—not to mention inconvenience for patients, who typically need to be hooked up to one three times a week for hours at a time. You work out so you can increase your chances of hooking up. That means having the kind of physique that looks good in clothes and looks even better naked. The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, removing any numbers.

Examples of use in the Malay literature, quotes and news about tangkuk. After she has left, they keep a priest of the Pon or of the Buddhist religion to perform the Tang-kuk ceremony, so that their luck may not depart with their daughter during these three days of her absence. At the same time the bridegroom's Sir Charles Alfred Bell, A Case Study of Penang, Malayais. Dissertation, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia, Noun affixes are affixes that form nouns upon addition to root words.

The following are examples of noun affixes:.

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The prefix per- drops its r before r, l and frequently before p, t, k. In some words it is peng- ; though formally distinct, these are treated as variants of the same prefix in Malay grammar books.

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In addition to these affixes, Malay also has a lot of borrowed affixes from other languages such as Sanskrit, Arabic and English. For example, maha- , pasca- , eka- , bi- , anti- , pro- etc. In Malay, new words can be formed by joining two or more root words. Compound words, when they exist freely in a sentence, are often written separately.

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Compound words are only attached to each other when they are bound by circumfix or when they are already considered as stable words. Similarly, ambil alih take over is formed using the root words ambil take and alih move , but will link together when a circumfix is attached to it, i. Certain stable words, such as kakitangan personnel , and kerjasama cooperation , are spelled as one word even when they exist freely in sentences. It is mainly used for forming plurals, but sometimes it may alter the meaning of the whole word, or change the usage of the word in sentences.

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Full reduplication is the complete duplication of the word, separated by a dash -. For example, buku book when duplicated form buku-buku books , while the duplicated form of batu stone is batu-batu stones. Partial reduplication repeats only the initial consonant of the word, such as dedaun leaves from the word daun leaf , and tetangga neighbor from the word tangga ladder. The words are usually not separated by spaces or punctuation, and is considered a single word. Rhythmic reduplication repeats the whole word, but one or more of the its phonemes are altered.

For example, the word gerak motion can be reduplicated rhythmically to form gerak-gerik movements by altering the vowel. The reduplication can also be formed by altering the consonant, e.

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Reduplication is used for expression of various grammatical functions such as verbal aspect and it is part in a number of complex morphological models. Malay does not make use of grammatical gender. There are only a few words that use natural gender; the same word used for he and she is also used for his and her. Most of the words that refer to people family terms, professions, etc. For example, adik can both refer to a younger sibling of either sex.

In order to specify the natural gender of a noun, an adjective has to be added: There are some words that are gendered. For instance, puteri means "princess" and putera means "prince"; words like these are usually borrowed from other languages in this case, Sanskrit. There is no grammatical plural in Malay. Thus orang may mean either "person" or "people".

Plurality is expressed by the context, or the usage of words such as numerals, beberapa "some", or semua "all" that express plurality. In many cases, it simply isn't relevant to the speaker. Reduplication is commonly used to emphasize plurality. However, reduplication has many other functions.

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For example, orang-orang means " all the people", but orang-orangan means "scarecrow". Similarly, while hati means "heart" or "liver", hati-hati is a verb meaning "to be careful". Some reduplication is rhyming rather than exact, as in sayur-mayur " all sorts of vegetables". Distributive affixes derive mass nouns that are effectively plural: