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Aaryn is a good competitor. McCrae says I worry about Helen.

Spencer says okay, okay, fair enough. Amanda says give it to McCrae, he is not going to use it. Spencer says yeah I know. If either one of us wins it we cannot use it but I am telling you, you will not go home. If Andy has to get a little dirty.. Spencer says yeah I know I am more worried about my safety than his hands. I will just have more fun with it when she is gone. I do feel that I can trust you guys. Amanda says we all need to stick together, we are all targeting the same people.

Spencer asks where does Andy fall?

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Amanda says we talk game with him when we need to. McCrae says that he thinks he is more with Helen. Amanda says if you have our back, we have your back. Spencer says I just get funny looks from Helen and Elissa. Amanda tells Spencer to keep Gina close. They head to bed.

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She needs to go! McCrae tells her that would be too early. Amanda asks who would care besides Elissa? We could make something up. Amanda says but only Elissa would be mad. I am already worried about. McCrae says that Andy is already kind of split. How many people play in the veto, 6? McCrae says he hopes it hold em, fold em. McCrae says all I would need to do is fold every single time till the end. She will probably hold on some of them and be wrong on one of them. As long as one person folds every single time until Spencer and Jessie are out.

McCrae says Andy would never do it and you should never say it. McCrae says I am worried I would go up if the veto is used. Amanda says you have to trust this four, I can read people Andy is loyal to the final 4. I have not made a final two with Andy or Aaryn.

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McCrae says I could talk to Andy about it. McCrae asks do we have a final 3 with him? McCrae says that he wants to wake up early and talk to Andy first and then talk to Helen and say this is what we need to do. Amanda says Spencer should go before Ginamarie. They agree to take it week by week and to not over think it. Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Amanda climbs on top of him and they start to get all hot and heavy.

They continue making out and then Amanda takes off her underwear and the camera zooms in on it. Big Brother then switches the camera to that havenot room. Then 10 minutes later the cameras switch back and Amanda is looking for her underwear. She then goes and turns the light on to find it. She then asks McCrae for that towel and cleans herself up and put the towel on the night stand. Amanda asks McCrae do you have any water?

He hands her his water bottle. Then says oh gross when she goes to take a sip. Amanda says did you just say oh gross? Amanda then says I need more water and takes another sip. Amanda asks can I have a kiss goodnight? They turn over and go to sleep. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Ok, for everyone that thinks this season blows.

Big Brother Amanda And Mccrae Hook Up – Best Episodes Of Dating In The Dark

Here are some helpful suggestions: Stop watching the show. Unplug your TV and turn the TV screen to the wall. Watch Sex and the City reruns. I wonder if Carrie will ever find love in the Big City and if Mr. Big really that big or its just a moniker? Watch beauty contests to restore your faith in America. I still think both of them are trying to figure out the answer to the question posed to them. I always wondered why the beauty contestants responded with World Peace as the answer, no matter what was asked. I wonder if Gina was sponsoring these 2 ladies?

That was good Relax …. Relax I want to play a game with you. You keep giving people homework or tell them to figure it out. I have something to tell you, STFU!

After $*X and a B**w J*b – Amanda drinks from McCrae’s water bottle. He says Oh GROSS!

Oh please share with us the definition of pun oh great one. Will you be giving us the Russian or Chinese version? Could irony and pun be similar? Talking about pun is more exciting then talking about BB I mean Relax we will be enlighten everyday with a new word. How is someone a whore for having mutually consensual sex? Sex is a normal part of life and she should be affected why? She has a boyfriend outside of the house? Amanda is disgusting because of all the stuff she has done. She has talked about gang raping people ,hurting people , trashing people , she has done so so so so so so many hate filled things.

How can you all not see this is one nasty, hate filled , trashy disgusting human being? The kiss of death is when the other house guests so condfidently tell you there is no way you are going home. Aaryn tells David, there is no way you are going home. Gina tells Nick, there is no way you are going home, the votes are locked up.

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Now McCrae is telling Spencer, nah man there is no way you are going home. I hope Jessie throw a wrinkle in their plan and win the POV comp. The only person that I like Jessie is probably getting voted out next. Pasadena on Amanda and Helen too. I never would of believed in the beginning of the game that I would of ended up wanting Jessie or Elissa to win the game. This is what bothers me the most. What grosses me out more than anything, is that Amanda said she had her period yesterday… So sitting on the night stand is a towel with her body fluids on it, how freaking nasty is that?