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You used to have all your time by yourself. You may forget to text him before doing something or going anywhere. But as soon as you remember that he exists, call him.

How To Lose An Independent Girl

To the one who wants her, please understand. She has learned to widen her circle, so expect a lot of friends. She has a lot to share with you. You have to be someone of value to be able to have a place in her life.

You have to add some value to her, for her to be able to share all hidden treasures with you. You have to be someone who she can trust, for you to be able to hear about her fallen dreams, her weakness, her cry, her fears and all her beautiful negative traits.

Dating As An Independent Woman Is Hard

You have to be trusted. And you know how? You just have to be yourself and wait.

How To Lose An Independent Girl | Thought Catalog

Wait until her barriers were all melted. Just be a man with a burning fire of good intentions to melt all the iced walls surrounding her heart. You can never teach her about her heart.

But you can be yourself, wait, get to know her, and make her realize that you are the one she is waiting to tell the stories of past and share the things she always love. She has learned who she is through falling down and picking herself back up. She has found her niche in the world, paving her own way, presenting her smile, her laugh, her sense of self to whoever she meets.

6 Reasons To Date An Independent Woman

You learn that sometimes stubbornness must be challenged, and sometimes it must be met with silence. When you love a woman like her, a woman who is capable and confident, a woman who glows with her own sense of self, know that it will be a challenge.

Know that she is tough, that she can be stubborn, that she can, and probably will, push your buttons. But know that this woman, this strong, passionate, driven woman, is the woman who will learn to love you with her whole heart. And even if she finds strength in her independence, she will learn an even greater strength in letting you in. Holly is the author of Severe d: A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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Holly Riordan Holly is the author of Severe d: Accomplishing goals is not success. Stop searching for happiness in the same place you lost it. More From Thought Catalog.