Big brother 14 shane and danielle dating

Danielle and shane bb14 dating

Kara was a terrible player. Dan, you had way bigger mistakes than those, come on now. The Joe and Frank missteps impacted nothing, nothing would have been different. On the other hand:.

You needed her and boogie in the jury to vote for you over a newbie. She would have been a sure vote for you. You should have done whatever it took to take Jenn or Joe to the end. Only then could you have a shot at the money. Thinking you had any chance of beating Ian was your most inflated hubris moment. If the objective of the game was getting to the end, it would have been the best game ever played on BB.

Finishing second is a pretty bad finish because it means you lost to the other person. Same with Dr Wil, who left in fourth but would have won if he made it to the F2.

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But coming in second means you had the opportunity and failed. If she could have beat any of the three, obviously she would have taken Shane.

Ian knew he had a better shot against you and liked the idea of beating a winner. Hey Carl — I completely understand where you are coming from. I felt like I had to change it up to have a shot at winning again because no one would let me play the same game twice.

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As far as Janelle, at the time it would have been a really hard sell to keep her, so much so that I would have had to put my neck on the line again. I had no incentive to do that. My speech was constrained by the time limit, I had a lot of explaining to do and not a lot of time to do it through my own fault.

I knew the time limit so I have no one to blame but myself. The first time I had an endless amount of time to speak to the jury, which helped me a ton. I appreciate your gameplay analysis. My whole goal was to get to the Final 2 seat and bank on the fact that if I got there AGAIN as a winner, with a decent speech, I felt like I would have a good shot to win. So yes, she was good socially, but strategically, she was awful — way too emotional and too attached to Dan and Shane.

Janelle was sloppy and made a lot of enemies this season, quite disappointing. As for Dan alligning with strong players, what was he supposed to do? If he alligned with Jenn and Joe instead of Shane, Ian… he would have been evicted a lot sooner. And obviously second place is better than 3rd or 4th place — 50k better! Am I right Dan? But yeah, you could have easily saw everything that Joe had in mind. Anyways, I think your biggest mistake was the Kara thing because she could have easily been your Memphis if she were to not showmance with Shane.

Overall, your game was great. Too bad no jury member watched Season 2. If they all had watched it, they probably would have respected you a whole lot better. I know Britney was a big threat in this game, but I wish you would have convinced Frank to put someone else up. I would have loved to see you two work together until the end. Unfortunately, it had to Britney for it to work.

I bought the kindle addition of your book and loved it. You are the best player ever and you were a genius In the art of manipulation. Does Danielle forgive you? Thanks so much Nance, I appreciate that. Dan, Me and my cousins have a few funny sayings that we always repeat randomly for laughs….

I got to say your biggest mistake was keeping Ian in the game at Final 4. Shane would have voted out Ian and I believe Ian would have voted for you in the jury.

Danielle says if Trey had asked me to be his GF none of this would have happened with Shane.

Thanks in advance Dan. Did you ever consider it? Never, Brit was too good and was covered by everyone. It was never an option. So freaking hilarious that I had to watch it over a few times live and then again while reading this blog. Thanks for being you!

Thanks for all the support Jenn! You made it exciting and fun for the live feeders! Thank you Dan and great job! Each and everyone of these clips are at the top of my favorite Big Brother 14 moments.

You are awesome Dan! Thanks for making BB 14 an amazing season! Your whole demeanor during that conversation was so funny. This was a really great analysis, Dan.

Danielle says if Trey had asked me to be his GF none of this would have happened with Shane.

That Joe moment was so funny!! I laughed so hard. I still laugh when I think about it! Im 14 years old Dan.

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Im a pretty big fan of yours. But I think I can play the game, just a bit better. I remember watching that Joe incident on the feeds and I just knew it would make the show. So it would have been funny even if he did find out. This must be a mistake. Good luck with everything. Thanks so much Kiersten! I agree with underestimating the jury. Dan, you were by far the best player in that game.

Either way, so proud that you got runner up! I was even at Ford Field for my high school team the night your team went to state finals as well, I wish I could have met you had I known you guys were playing that night as well!