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Do not offer assistance. Because while they are busy working out, you have demolished a whole pizza to yourself.

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There is a constant mismatch — all they want is for you to be their gym buddy and all you want for them to do is enter food eating challenges with you. Now, milkshakes are just reasons to improve your body, and this has destroyed you a little on the inside. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger Share this with Share this article via email Share this article via flipboard Copy link. Most people that are foreign to fitness see a guy preening in the mirror as he is practicing poses for the next show or to assess progress as narcissist.

What they don't see is we aren't thinking, "Holy shit, Look at how amazing I look! I'm thinking, "Ugh, why the hell are my rear delts so flat? We want you to come with us! And even if you don't want to go with us, it's better than me just disconnecting from reality in front of Xbox right? We're always up for a great hike, run, anything outdoors to get moving! I personally am obsessed with kayaking and paddle boarding.

Anything outdoors, Let's go!! I've literally booked a little bit more pricey hotels simply because of the spacious, elaborate hotel gym. If not, then get ready to come to some obscure gym with a guest pass we convinced them to give to us because we are "moving" there soon. I'll just make this a quick mention so I don't come across conceited. As you can assume, being fit has many physical privileges in life, including a much higher level of testosterone.

When intimate depending of course, on when that happens in a relationship based on your standards , please give our abs attention! Seriously, make out with my abs! Do you know how hard we work for these? Ok, let's just take a minute of silence to emphasize the sanctity of this weekly cheat meals concept.

13 things you never knew about dating a fitness addict

The English language cannot describe how amazing cheat meals are. But until you make it a cheat meal, you'll never appreciate it's true everlasting beauty.

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It's truly a paradox how restricting sweets makes you enjoy sweets more! Along with this please don't try to tempt me with your brownie if you choose throughout the week, because that is just a cruel, cruel, Satanic practice.

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And thank you Sweet Baby Jesus tomorrow is Saturday. Some of these may sound extreme, but you have to realize, fitness isn't a chore we constantly are at a mental battle to keep up motivation with.

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It's a lifestyle in every sense of the word--it's a part of us, how we are happy and find balance in life. And we want YOU to be a part of it!! There is only one thing to know about fitness frwaks. Stay the hell away. Who would want to date that? I dated a tri-athelete for a while. The food and lifestyle was void of any fun or spontaneity. She is not the only one I've known. Gym rats and fitness nuts have something missing in their lives.

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It is certainly not a happy lifestyle it is all about control, guilt and punishment. There is a happy balance without all the control issues listed above. Life is about enjoyment, not punishment. By the way, the sugar in real OJ is just fine. It is not the same as a soda unless you are talking about processed juices. So basically you want to justify your shitty lifestyle to me? Dude I don't know u! U don't have to convince me! Of course you assume I have a shitty lifestyle because like all "fitness freaks" you need to judge others to fill that void you just can't seem to manage.

You are right, you don't know me but you assume I am the one justifying anything. Wasn't my myTake dude. And I'm not trying to convince you, clearly you have your way set. I am warning anyone foolish enough to think anything you said is a positive way to have a healthy relationship. If they want to live in a tightly controlled manner and judged by you, hey great. But its not sustainable. When the cuts in the triceps fade, what will be left?

You may look great on the outside but based on your myTake its typical of fitness freaks to not have much going on inside. Your response has proven that. Plus I will add for the fitness uneducated, you said prepping for your next show. My ex was a bodybuilder in progress and my goodness if you're not a fitness freak it's really easy to lose your patience. I hated going out to eat with him.

At home he would weigh everything on a scale. It was so intense that he would bring his own food to family get togethers.. And don't even get me started on how many turkey burgers some of these people eat I could understand most of those things despite having no desire to do them myself. However, I think bringing your own food to a family get together is a bit extreme.

10 Things to Know About Dating A Fitness Freak - GirlsAskGuys

Im all for being healthy but there's a reason why they call them "health FREAKS" theyre just extreme on all aspects of fitness lol and yes the get together food was not healthy so he would bring his own lol. You can be fit and not be a freak about it. Im not bashing it in any way either. I lasted 4yrs with the guy. I respect the lifestyle but its just not for everyone.

It's a bit much in my personal opinion. Much more intense than even me. I don't weigh or bring my own food to get togethers for example. With the exceptioin of loving the outdoors - I could never be in a relationship with a fitness freak But nice take - love the honesty. Nice take but did you really have to talk shit about video games? I guess this is why I could never date a fitness freak.