Im 14 and im dating a 19 year old

You've only known each other for four months. You don't love her.

14 year old dating a 19 year old? | Yahoo Answers

Get over it m8. Follow 7 Original post by worldscollide When I was 14, I was going out with a 22 year old Follow 8 I've known worse gaps. You obviously feel relatively equal on a mental level if you had a wonderful relationship so I say keep calm and carry on. Follow 9 Plan B, is that you? Follow 10 Follow 86 followers 15 badges Send a private message to Enoch. Follow 11 You are not in love, the only reason you want her is because you can't get anyone else at your age.

Follow 12 Follow 13 Tilly87 Follow 1 follower 11 badges Send a private message to Tilly Follow 14 It depends how much the age gap bothers you, and also how you feel that she lied to you. I would be mad to be lied to like that, but if you love her a lot then I guess you wouldn't dump her for just that reason. I'd feel a bit cautious about trusting her though The age gap's not too bad, but do you really want to wait 2 years until you can have sex? If you're not bothered aout that then I think you should stay together. Follow 15 Follow 16 If your 17 how come it says you joined in ?

So you were 6 when you joined?

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Follow 17 Follow 18 Original post by emma11 If your 17 how come it says you joined in ? Follow followers 20 badges Send a private message to ash Follow 19 Follow 20 This forum is supported by: Gillette's new ad - what do you think? Corbyn's no confidence motion - follow here. Find your study group.

Im 14 and im dating a 19 year old.?

GCSE resit results tomorrow - chat here. Apprenticeships and alternatives to university Replies: News and current affairs Replies: Count to a million Part 35 Started by: Personal Statement Advice Replies: Ask Student Finance England Replies: If he loves you he'll wait for you and wouldnt need to cheat on you or want to be with anyone else. It is illegal for an above to have sex with a minor below. Although the age of consent is different in all states check yours.

Your too young for him and age does make a difference until you are out of college. Is a 21 year old dating a 25 year old weird not so much, but you guys are worlds apart.

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Your in middle school he's in college thats a huge diffrence. There's nothing wrong with an age difference but until you're 18 you should stick to kids your age.

You're 14, you're crushing, and you're clueless. No offense, I mean. And I personally do not let my man go to strip clubs but if that's what you feel is better than I gotta let you live your life and learn from your mistakes. Follow your heart, kid. You should think long and hard about why a 19 year old wants to be with a 14 year old.

Yes you are you are been like any other 14 yr old all have a crush on older men Have you met his other GF? What do your parents say? Good of you,even if you did not OK that do you think he'd not GO?

I love him so much you say and i believe you Hun you will,but Hun he will not be in love with you he will find you aBUG soon really.. Related Questions Im a 14 year old girl Im 19 and a 14 year old wants to date me? What happens if i date an 19 year old girl? Im 14 and dating a 19 year old is that ok? Is it illegal to date a 19 year old if im 14?

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I'm 18 With A 15 Year Old Girlfriend!!!

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