Korean girl dating white guy

However I am not inclined to that deal at all, since I do not need it and that is not my cup of tea. And eventually what people wish and expect was same considering my observation. Everyone wanted to be beloved and accepted and wanted to find someone they can really love with- so I wrote men are fundamentally same- I really think so. But this works very well. Personally I do not find a man cook is typically attractive to me, rather I prefer a man who can work better at his job, since that is much better for many reasons, such as his social confidence and self-esteem.

I can cook very well!!

I can cook well and work better than most of them…. While there was an interesting story according to an Irish flatmate.

Interracial Dating: Asian Male / White Female Couples! ft. Peter Adrian -"IT'S COMPLICATED" EP4 S2

I can hire a cook. My Korean girlfriend says we give bigger praise and we do it more often. And in turn, we offer more sympathy when things turn sour. And she informs me many Korean men say sorry without even knowing what they should be sorry for. And she likes the idea that in Western movies, fathers are often kind and sweet whereas in Korean movies, the father will often be strict and kingly. PS And the high bridge on our noses. Western boys are in Korea. There are Korean girls here.

The fundamental point being that males and females are pretty much the same wherever you go. The underlying factor here is attraction. You like who you like at the end of the day. Whether you are foreign or local: What about social pressures to achieve a certain level in society in men?

What about overscruitinization of women to keep their reputation spotless, pure and innocent? Are they the same in every country and culture? Divisive topics notwithstanding, personal attacks are not permitted. Please watch your tone in future comments or your comments may be deleted in the future. Is this why I have been attracted to asian girls since I was 8 years old even though I had never met one? This can be easily generalized to any group of men and women anywhere. I think that a lot of people fail to address somewhat of a primer effect.

But many people do not address the notion that having this idea in your head can primer or lead to feelings of easily attainable success. Confidence is attractive to women in many different cultures, especially Western. If you were to use that same confidence you used to meet a Korean girl on an American girl, you will be successful as well.

Dating is Hell in Korea

I read in another blog an enormous amount of teachers dating students. As for the why Korean women go for foreign men, the real question, as Robert Koehler pointed out ages ago, is why, proportionately, so few Korean men end up with Western women. All of the standard reasons come into play. I very respectfully think this thread is retarded. And what about Korean guys? They are all uninteresting, poor, uneducated and ill-fashioned people? Seriously, I think most Korean girls who hang out with foreigners mostly English teachers are losers, and usually slightly abnormal.

They are either not well educated, ex bar workers, or they come from relatively bad families or poor suburbs. They tend to be quite ugly too and have a fixation on improving their English above all other things. And lots of the guys with these girls are also losers. Ask yourself where you met your Korean girlfriend. Was it in a bar? If it was in a bar full of foreigners, you are probably fitting very well in my description. If it was through an internet meeting site, probably even worse.

Why is that losers who couldnt get a girl in their own country can in Korea?

Simply because they are dating similarly loser and uneducated girls in Korea that only want to learn english. And yes, remember, there are lots of intelligent and pretty girls in Korea, but also lots of stupid and abnormal ones. Oh and both guys had been living in Korea for more than a year and both of them barely knew how to speak a few words of Korean. Most intelligent and pretty Korean women tend to definitely stay with Korean guys, and generally are far from interested by foreigners, or at least average English teaching foreigners. How many of you have a girlfriend who graduated from a good university?

Or who could achieve a master degree? Ask yourself these questions. Would that label be so bad if infanticide were the cultural norm?

Bars are fairly common places to meet people in most countries that serve alcohol — and the people that go to them often seek people like them. Whether you go with friends or are looking for someone, that type of social environment is at least one thing you share with the other people in the room. Nothing wrong with that. The key is the choice — and that choice remains in the hands of each person, not the culture they were born into. As you may know, Korea is a quite different country than the one you have been born and raised.

In Korea, good schools and good environments are found in better suburbs as in most countries I guess , but in Korea this is particularly the case, also because there is a larger disparity between the poor and the rich than in some other countries. People from bad suburbs will naturally have more uneducated parents and a bad environment.

Eight reasons Korean girls go for Western boys

You got the point. People go to bars to meet people like them. If a Korean girl goes to a foreigner bar or simply a BAR in Korea, which again is different from a common Korean drinking place, namely HOF , that means she wants to meet foreigners… or else. Bars are also a common place for one-night stands, again that can tell a lot about a girl who drinks a lot and goes to bars often. You seem to really idealize your view of foreigners in Korea.

Many if not most foreigners in Korea are only there for the money, and most of them probably barely even heard of Korea before arriving here, and they are not interested to learn any culture nor the language. Do you know many foreigners who actually can speak Korean relatively well?

Then what have you been doing in Korea for so many years?

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And what about all the other foreigners that teach English? In what do they have more ambition than a regular similarly well-educated Korean?

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Some stand out, but the majority have very very average girlfriends that just want a way out of their country or that have an obsession for English learning. On all cases, no. Let people choose for themselves — going back to the original article for a second, these eight are simply possible reasons. Getting wasted at the bar? Foreigners in Korea all have ambitions, hobbies, healthy way of life, desire to learn, ethical conduct? Who are you to say that foreigners in Korea have more ambition than Koreans?