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And how they seem to be single …. Your email address will not be published. Muslim Marriage Articles 3.

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Characters you meet at Muslim Marriage Events January 2, By Anonymous Many of us may have had the mis? The seasoned pro This is the guy who has been to loads of these before — the guy who comes looking sharp, scopes the room out and had a hitlist of who he wants to talk to and see. The flexible guy This is the guy who is open to anyone and everything.

Muslim Singles service for British Asians - Speed Dating for Single Muslims

The floater This is the guy who is finding these events are beginning to hurt his wallet.. The sincere guy Yes — this is one of the good guys — the guys who have actually thought about what they want in a partner, and come to the event sincerely talking to people he feels meets that criteria. The Original Rude Boy The guy who forgets its a marriage event, and comes dressed like hes going to a rave.

Muslim Ummah Marriage Event by Abu Usmah

The country guy The guy who thinks he lives in the countryside with mamma and papa and goes fox hunting on the weekend. Now onto the ladies… The fed up girls You know who you are. The first timers This is their first marriage event.

The Muslim Single Solution

The tired girls These are the ladies who have been to so many events, that when someone interesting comes along, their conversation seems tired. The Helpers Finally lets not forget. Sex and Islam do mix, but not in America 22 Jun, March 14, at September 10, at 1: March 5, at 1: After you have met with everyone you will have the opportunity to arrange a oneone meeting with anyone who you feel could be compatible match on separate table or chairs.

Event Feedback

You can do this by approaching one of the adviser's who will then arrange this for you. Please do not get offended if a participant rejects your request as same may want to speak to someone similar to there age or profession Star Events Team will be on hand throughout the day to help attendees. However, we are very clear in our advertising literature in regards to the schedule for the day. We build in a 30 window from Anyone arriving after Event Feedback Comments for Saturday 2nd February Post your comments about the recent event or contact us directly.

Please Note There will be no refunds, regardless of whether you found someone compatible or not. If you cannot attend on the day once tickets have been purchased, no refunds will be given.

Muslims in the UK try a western approach to matchmaking

Tickets cannot be forwarded to future events. We try to arrange a minimum of 5 meetings or more subject to interest from both parties. We can not promise interest from either side and can not take blame for no interest at all. All confirmed meetings, declines, interests, follow ups after the event, and viewing of profiles are managed through our Marriage Event Website. Most participants tend to meet everyone at the event and exchange details but we also give the opportunity to communicate after the event via our online database service —www. We also provide other services which info are available on our website at www.

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